Looking in My Bag of Stuff

Uh-oh…I think I need help. My imagination appears to have run away with some giraffes. What’s a lady to do now?? While I’m pondering, let’s see what I have in my bag of miscellaneous stuff at the moment.

*digs in bag*
I took a quiz this week, about another one of my favorite [sci-fi] shows, namely Heroes.
On the show, Issac [was] an artistic hero that could paint the future, so I guess my creative side is somewhere around after all, in some form.

*digs in bag again*
On a recent YouTube venture, I found:
All U.S. soap operas openings –

Very cool transitions in between each intro…and, yes, I do watch a couple soaps sometimes during lunch. Which one(s)? 1st on video and one towards the end. 😉

*back into bag*
Oh, here we go. While surfing a soap forum recently, I found a link I’ve not seen in a while. Xerox does a web site called “Let’s Say Thanks“, that let’s one send cards drawn by kids to U.S. soldiers currently serving in the Middle East (Iraq). You can’t pick to whom the cards go (it’s random), but it will go to some member of the armed forces. It only takes a couple seconds to click and send. It’s FREE! You can pick a card, a message, or write a short message yourself. Easy-peasy…I’ve already clicked and my card is in the next queue to leave. Awesome!
Whether one is for or against the war, it’s a good gesture to show support, or at least that someone cares about them over there. 🙂

~~~~Late-breaking news~~~~
My football teams (my alma mater, and local team for which I love to cheer) won their games this week! Woohoo!!

Oh no…it appears my bag has a hole in it. So, to the repair room I go. Feel free to comment while I’m repairing. Please…it makes the blog [owner] smile.

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One response to “Looking in My Bag of Stuff

  1. Those dang giraffes are still missing. Me thinks the husband might have already boxed them up for the big move.

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