To Sue or Not to Sue – Because…

Pardon the Shakespeare variant, I’ve not another title in mind for this post.

Seen in the Sun-Times news [online]: Here we go – Another lawsuit by a desperate someone wanting money. Yes, this person has a “right to sue”, but does that mean one should? The rescuer [in the story] knows her job is dangerous, has experienced many harrowing circumstances that go with the job. Now, she gets hurt, doesn’t get much money from her own insurance plan, and on the advice of a lawyer, decides to go after the family of the boy she helped rescue. This family has enough to deal with in hospital bills dealing with their now brain-damaged boy. Hello? Common sense, where have you gone in the world? It appears to have flown the coop, and all that’s seen now is “$$$$$$$” (dollar signs). The logical answer should be for the lady rescuer to go after Workmen’s Comp, which is supposed to be there to help in times of crisis. But, that might not be a quick payday, which is obviously wanted. And, why not? Morally it’s wrong, but who cares about morals, eh? Yeah I know. What a crock. 😛

In other news, I’ve added the give-away a day on the left side of this blog, so we can all get a daily freebie (including various helpful programs, screen savers, games, etc.). It changes every day what you can get. Just do be careful of what you download…read the comments on the download page first. There’s at least one helpful comment from previous people that have downloaded the freebie. 😉

Happy Saturday!

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3 responses to “To Sue or Not to Sue – Because…

  1. I really believe you could have an entire blog dedicated to nothing but ridiculous legal news. Crap like this happens every day, it seems.

  2. Ick. That woman and her stupid lawsuit leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

  3. That whole lawsuit makes me sick.

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