Web Surfing Across The WWW

It’s a fairly slow and quiet night here, another lazy Sunday, which hopefully will not lay precedent for the rest of the week. I’ve been inside surfing the web log awards. (Extra thought: Hey, where’s my award nomination? Oh wait, I have to be award-worthy first in someone’s eyes. *pfft* Yet another lofty goal I have. Channeling Yoda, yes I am. Love me, someone must?)

Anyway, here are some of my favorite sites for which I’ve voted / loved….
Best Celebrity Blog: Wil Wheaton  (the coolest sci-fi geek I wish I knew in real life)
Best Blog: PostSecret has been a standard favorite for years
Funniest Blog: I’ve to go local on this one by saying Laurie Kendrick (got to love another witty lady); however just saying Boobs, Injuries and Dr Pepper makes me giggle uncontrollably *LOL*
Best Food Blog: Mom’s Best Recipes makes me drool like Homer Simpson of The Simpsons [TM]…no pictures but the recipes can still stimulate the imagination wonderfully ; A close second is Coconut and Lime which gives wonderful directions to making all sorts of goodies
Best Medical Blog: I’ve a sentimental favorite in CancerDiva, Terry Hayes blog at the Houston Chronicle ; another favorite is Kevin, M.D. for this doc totally rocks and gives out a lot of useful information
Best Technology Blog: LifeHacker … enough said. (Though I admit I’m a fan of Dwight Silverman’s TechBlog , even if he is kind of on my “makes me growl” list for not answering my email, but he’s a busy editor, so I can’t fault him too much, I suppose)
Best Literature Blog: Classical Bookworm (a LOT to see  here – take a week and dive in); Bookgasm (love the name *LOL* – it’s mainly book reviews…kind of neat), and Writer’s Block  (site owner’s having a book giveaway – that’s always awesome!)
I notice the voting people also left off a few nominations in this year’s batch, so I shall add a three of my ultimate sentimental favorites here.
Best Parenting Blog: MamaDrama (enough said)
Best Parenting Blog R-Rated version: My Husband Calls Me Weird (She has stripes now on her blog home…it’s a candy-colored jail – gotta love her *LOL*)
Best R-Rated Aussie: A Dingo’s Got My Barbie (even if he doesn’t link to me, I love when he takes time out to come over to my humble blog home *smile*

Whew. I’m officially exhausted, so I shall make this entry done and published (before I think of something else on which to ramble excessively. In the meantime, if you spot something of which I need to see to out on the world wide web, do drop a line in the comments section. Thanks.

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2 responses to “Web Surfing Across The WWW

  1. Hee! I appreciate your nomination even more than a real one.

    Weblogs, schmeblogs.

    TPL responds: *blows air kisses with plenty of hand-smack* Believe it or not, you ladies help keep my sanity with your daily craziness. LOL! 😀

  2. Thank you Pear Lady, for your kind and generous endorsement.

    I’m making Houston proud in the Funniest Division by coming in DEAD LAST PLACE, but you see, coming in last is part of my Simon Bar Sinister “Master Plan”. As I see it, last place is the opposite.of—-oh hell, even I don’t believe me.

    Thanks again for your generous endorsement,. I do so appreciate it!

    Laurie Kendrick

    TPL responds: I’m glad I read TechBlog that day to lead me to your blog. I love reading local bloggers, and when they’re nice like you, it’s a double pleasure. Thanks for stopping by my humble grounds. 🙂

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