A Giggle on a Drab Day

Anyone want to slap the lazy out of me? I’m spinning out of control here, and it’s about to drive part of me crazy. In efforts to fight this lazy spell, I’ve opened up my blog software again. Hope it helps! 😛

Anyway…upon checking the winners list for the fall giveaways (I’ve not won any yet – *sniff, sniff*), I noticed one that said “*Heidi* @ Everyday Cookies (Gave away Rachel Ray and YUM)“. It made my funny bone giggle at the thought of giving away a person, which shows how easily I’m amused sometimes. LOL!

I suppose my next stop should be a web site for the easily amused (like bored.com), but I’m having fun playing games at the moment. I’ve found an amusing little game called Peggle. Dang MSN, you distract me well. ;P It’s about all my mind can handle, which is frightening. It also frightens me that it could be the first step(s) to a deep depression. Perhaps I should go back to Bored. Hmm….

Happy thoughts, stat! Must.Have.Happiness.Please.Comment.Before.Totally.Insane. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? 😛

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One response to “A Giggle on a Drab Day

  1. LOL, I’m glad you found that amusing, as that’s why I wrote it that way! I thought it would sound boring if I said, “gave away a cookbook” but if I gave away Rachel, now that would make people look twice! LOL, thanks for mentioning my joke! Have a good day and I hope you continue to find fun on the web!

    TPL responds: Mission accomplished! *LOL* Thanks for providing some of that “fun”. 😀

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