Friday Follies

Hello there and welcome to another addition of the Friday Follies, in which I go around seeing the funny, cool, inspirational or just plain silly on the world wide web and bring it back to share.

First up in the follies today…
I’ve found yet another “new” place to roam, and it’s AOL of all places! Specifically, their pages of videos. Due to watching a program on another network, *cough* DTWS on ABC *cough*, I’ve been missing one of my other favorite programs. But, on an email check, I noticed a listing of television programs at AOL videos. To shorten a long story, I was able to catch up on this season’s House MD (Hugh Laurie is so totally wonderful as a fake American when he’s really heavily British-accented). Yeah!

In other news, surfing daily happenings here at WordPress, I found an art blog. She has all sorts of colored pencil drawings and such, very talented artist. If I was in the creative mood, I’d ask her permission for using her artwork in my own wallpapers/tags. Since I’m not in the mood, I’m typing it out to hopefully remind myself later when I am in the mood. 😉

On the video circuit, unless you’d like to go on some weird trip, it’s probably a good idea if you don’t take candy from this man (Oh no, it’s a You Tube employee! *screams* LOL). Of course, if you’d really like to get sickened by cute, you could see the Ultra Kawaii Commercial. And, if anyone wants to commit suicide, allow me to introduce Sonia Klax to you. Two words: “”

*waves to new visitors I’ve seen around these parts lately* (all it took was a drunk post, mentioning a few local celebrities — LOL! But, would it kill one of you to comment once in a while? *wink*) Until later, guys, gals, and anything else that wanders in while I’m away.

Have a good weekend – good blogging, creating, sports-playing, or whatever makes you happy. 😀

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