My creativity strikes a helpful chord

I’m feeling a bit nauseated today, which has made me quite grumpy and prone to snap, so I think I’ve to keep this entry fairly short again.

It appears my creativity has had a mini-payoff. While surfing the NaBloMo blogroll, I found a link on one site called “The Chocolate Review”. It sounded delicious, so I clicked inside and found the owner was in need of a banner for his expanded new digs (he moved off of a hosted WordPress blog to his own site). My creativity took over and I found myself making and emailing him a banner. And, he liked it. *smile* No, I didn’t earn money for this particular job, but by doing a good deed for a fellow blogger, I received a bit of prestige, a shout-out and mini-review on his site, gained a few readers (including this blogger) and get the cool satisfaction of seeing my work “out there” in the world wide web. That’s pretty cool and a good start.

Here’s a screen shot of my banner in action:
I think it fits in pretty nicely. What do you think? 🙂
If anyone else would like me to do a graphic for their site, do leave a comment and I’ll contact you to see what can be done. Now, they won’t always be free, but totally reasonably priced ($2-5 dollars depending on the job). I’m pretty confident you won’t be disappointed with the results. Though I’m not degreed in art, I seem to have a flare for it, or so I’m told. 😀

See you next entry.

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