Photo Poetry -The Sunset

I knew hanging around the Pensieve would get me into “trouble” (LOL).  Well, it’s happened. Robin has me thinking of poetry again (more on that later). She had a link to neat little game today, that I’ve decided to play, too, because it looked like fun.
0002qcgc The link was to Laurasalas, whom asks one to make up a short poem (15 words or less) about a picture. This week it’s a picture of a sunset.
“It’s a spider web of trees / Pardon me, I have to sneeze—-Achoo!”

Silly or not, that’s what first came to my mind. how funny the mind can work sometimes. 😀
If anyone else wants to play, click the above link to her site. She does these challenges weekly.

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2 responses to “Photo Poetry -The Sunset

  1. OOoooo! I love it!! I went’ “funny”, too :).

    I’m creating a Pensieve’s Poetic License email group so I can send out reminders, so I’m so glad I popped over here TODAY to see this :).

    15 words or less is so doable, isn’t it? I hope PPL is, too :/ :).

    TPL responds: if nothing else, hopefully one can provide a laugh, which is good (most of the time, eh). 😀

  2. that’s so adorable…and, i read it to my son…he loved it. now, i’m going to have to repeat it again and again…achoo!!! i mean, thank you!!

    TPL responds:’re welcome. I’m glad I could provide some entertainment for you and your son. (over, and over, and over and over and .. 😉 )

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