Housewarming Party

*enters blog frazzled and out of breath, arms fully loaded with packages*
Why? Because there’s a party going on and I’m helping in the celebration. A house-warming party to be exact, hosted by Swampy, for two lovely blogging ladies that have just moved into two spacious houses.

My virtual credit card led me to pick out some neat gifts (I couldn’t pick just one – heh)…*digs in the bag*

For Tiggerlane the Neophyte Blogger, here’s a doormat that really helps your new visitors find you, and here’s a big box so you can truly blog from “anywhere”. 😉

For JulieBug at Another Chance Ranch, a little something fancy to show you’ve class but also a sense of humor, something large and delicious from the Sweet Taste of Texas.

And, each of you also get this electronic goody so you can have your own parties.

For our dear hostess, whom is having a time herself lately, here’s a pretty seasonal bouquet and a special glass I think she could use about now(Heck, we all could). 

Hope everyone has had fun. Now if you please excuse me, I need a nap. Feel free to entertain yourselves in my comments in the meantime. 😀

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9 responses to “Housewarming Party

  1. Great gifts! The ladies should be pleased – I would! And now I feel bad ’cause I didn’t even think of getting anything for Swampy. You are way nicer than I am. Good Job.

    TPL responds: You joined in the fun, so you’re great, too! *hands you a nice, cool drink so we can all relax together* 🙂

  2. You are too, too clever my friend. Not to mention, very, very thoughtful. I love my punkin’ bouquet…and especially that darlin’ martini glass. I’m headed to the fridg right now to find the olives for my extra dirty martini.

    TPL responds: Definitely well-earned. Enjoy, dear lady. 🙂

  3. That bouquet was beautiful! I love the wine holder where it looked like the mermaid was chuggin it down(I know it wasn’t the one you picked out 😉

    TPL responds: I almost chose that one, too. It’s those mamas with drama…they corrupted me into picking the other one. >;)

  4. I hope that you are enjoying your nap. You have given very thoughtful gifts. The bouquet for Swampy is beautiful.

    TPL responds: I would if I could get away, but I’m having so much fun looking at all the neat gifts! LOL

  5. I love your gifts! If I ever get to build a house you are going to be on the top ten of those that I inviter for I know I will receive a Cool! Gift!

    TPL responds: Aww, you’re so very sweet. Happy partying! 🙂

  6. I have all the wiring ready for the sound system – and the doormat? SO ME, and PERFECT for my friends!

    I need a new blog environment, too.


    TPL responds: You’re welcome. If only it was real, eh. I know that feeling. 😉

  7. hey… instead of a computer that one link took me to a art decco acquarium!!!!

    What a haul!!
    I’m feeling so stingy. I just did one gift.

    TPL responds: Bonus! You got a dream world of fun. LOL

  8. So very fun. I love how you presented the gifts too. Very clever gifts, and I am pretty envious of the them, especially the sound system.

    TPL responds: I would love to get that system in real life…I’m sure it’d provide lots more fun. 😀

  9. I love the wine bottle holder. Very classy indeed!

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