Muttering on Sunday – Free Association #150

mutteringsredanim “Oh, boy, yet another meme”. No, wait, it’s not quite as it’s appears. It’s a “Free Association” exercise. Yes, I’m using this meme, but only as an exercise to build up my writing/cognitive skills, as well as somewhat control my jumbled thoughts, not for fishing for something of which to write. And, because I like to see what I may think of spontaneously – do watch out for combustibles. 😛

The deal of the day is word association: what does one think instantly when a word is presented. Hmm, let’s see, shall we?

  1. Toasty :: Warm (or Quizno’s Subs, but only because I think I’ve seen those ads once too often lately – LOL)
  2. Allegations :: accusations without proof (when did this become “define me hour – c’mon self, I’ve to do better than this. Whom are you, OJ or is lawyer?)
  3. Herb :: Oregano (spaghetti, anyone?)
  4. Bacon :: Cheeseburger (bad fattening combo – yuck)
  5. Neck to neck :: Game (reminds me of that game where one passes a ball to another person without the use of hands)
  6. Simon :: Says You’re Outta Here (I’ve watched too much Idol. Oy Vey!)
  7. Heels :: Shoes (high ones hurt feet / ankles)
  8. Fundamentals :: Flag corps (Have to do the basics, teaching them is fun)
  9. Middle :: Finger
  10. Seasonings :: Spices

Okay, that exercise brought out something in me, but what it brought out is questionable. Word #9 appears I have the desire to flip someone off, or maybe said person(s) flipped me off recently. The others are equally obvious, even without my comments. *shrugs* I may re-visit this word set later. We’ll see.

Have something to say? Say it now, or forever hold your peace. ;P
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