Sunday Shout-Outs

What’s this: another entry? A real “two-fer”? Isn’t today, Sunday, traditionally supposed to be a day of rest? Could it be I’m under the influence of Tom B. and his prophetic challenge? Actually, as amusing the latter can be, the truth is I’ve just more to say. As I stated in the last message, my mind has a bunch of thoughts in it. It’s a matter of organizing them into something readable. Anyway…

I’ve to send a shout-out to some sports teams that have all decided to win at the same time (woohoo!!!).  The Houston Texans won their game today against the floundering New Orleans Saints. It looks like the Dallas Cowboys are in for yet another win, too. The Houston Dynamo have won the championship game, and are now the best in American Soccer again. (Go big orange, and Yay, “na-na-mo”! Thanks to Mama Stephanie and her precious daughter for getting that phrasing stuck in my head. LOL)  And, congratulations go to the Pearland Oilers for rocking their way through the first round of playoffs (as if there was any doubt). Will their nemesis North Shore fall this year? It’s definitely an uphill battle, as the latter is undefeated so far. But, the Oilers are persistent, and time will tell if they can persevere.

Basketball news? Don’t get me started with those Rockets without T-Mac. *holds back tears and raspberries* (I’d rather not mess up my screen, thank-you-very-much.) There’s no baseball news as it’s the off-season, and the only real trade issue (besides those trades to make the local team better) I’d like to see right now is another promotion within the Giants organization. Specifically, I refer to minor leagues pitcher Adam Cowart. He’s about halfway up the ladder to the majors, currently on the San Jose Giants. As a key player for them in the playoffs this last season, he’s definitely on his way to the bigger and better. *smile* (note to self: I need to email his brother again…missing talking with that sweet guy).
Speaking of talking, it’s the visitor’s turn. Go ahead and comment. I dare you. 😉

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