Exercising my poetic license

The poet within (or lack thereof) has been awakened again. Lord, help the world. Robin @ the Pensieve brought it out in me (so it’s her fault – LOL). This entry is part of a whole bunch of poetry nuts, I mean enthusiastic poets. Here’s our license to write:

Want this button?

Immediately, on sign-up day, this poem leapt from my brain to my fingers to the screen.


not write
though I try
it does not
work and I
a clue

By: The Pear Lady c2007

Only thing bad is it’s not in limerick form. But, it’s liked, so I re-posted it here. I’ve since worked on getting past Nantucket limericks and am ready to show some thanks.

Let’s see…*thinks*

There once was a lady of pear
Whom couldn’t pick out a thing to wear
She had a jumble of clothes
But she couldn’t make since of those
So, a-sorting she decided she must do.

Hey, I did it. Yeah, I realize it may not be the greatest, not exactly giving thanks, but allow me to explain. I’m cleaning up to enjoy turkey day in a better environment.  But, fortunately, my mind hasn’t stopped there.

It’s true I love a game about balls
The good-looking guys have me crawling the walls
They distract me so well
If only I could tell
That one of them would actually give me any calls.

–Whether I’m referring to soccer or footballs or “other”…they’re all playing this time of year, for which I’m thankful. Dedicated to all those minds that sometimes venture in the deep end. >:-)
Then, I temporarily fried my brain and this one came out…

Limericks are asked for as poems this week
This rhyming definitely is not for the meek
For mad it may drive me
As I sing and type insanely
If I do much more you may be likely to shriek.

–“No! please no more!”, the crowd cries as I howl with maniacal laughter. Besides, there’s hope of something better soon.

Swampy said “won’t you please write poems with me”
A gaggle of followers commented instantly
Some go for the funny and silly
Others are caring religiously
It’s a good guarantee you’ll find something you like to see.

–That one is showing thanks to our hostess Robin, for starting us all on a grand adventure. 🙂 
Thanksgiving day is drawing near
For some, it is a favorite time of year
After you stuff yourself silly
You go to sleep or watch the “telly”
And, usually end up asking why’d I do that again?!

–Dedicated to the silly and kids at heart. 😉

And, finally, to all…

Thanks be praised to one and all here
May you be blessed with family and friends near
Have plenty to eat
Entertainment so sweet
And, smile at your troubles at least one day this year.

Yes, the challenge says “one”, but the sign said “no rules!”, hence the story of limericks. Anyway, they’re all my best and give thanks in their own way. Now, my limericks are done. Mission accomplished. “G’ bye, I’m going out to play.” LOL Pardon me, I’ve just channeled poet Shel Silverstein.  😉 

By the way, you can see more thanksgiving poetry by clicking here. And, you may comment on my poetry, too (below).

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13 responses to “Exercising my poetic license

  1. I’m from Canada and Thanksgiving is definitely not as celebrated here. But I enjoyed seeing the writing process. Thanks for coming by my blog and leaving comments! 🙂

  2. Wow.


    I’ve been giving bonus points for posts with two entries, but (counting…) SEVEN??!!! YOU WIN! Hands down!!

    You made me laugh…you made me cry (not really)…but the BEST part is I think you ended up having a little fun yourself (with enough to share with everyone else). THANK you for being one of the most enthusiastic…prolific poets of the week (I’m sure I can safely say this…I haven’t even writeen ONE yet!).

    Happy Thanksgiving and again, you ROCK, and your new name should be “Poet Pear Lady” ;).

    TPL responds: Aww, you’ve me turning pink over here. And, it’s not an overdose of Pepto-Bismol. 😉

  3. Oh my oh my…..which to choose….I think I like the one about the men and their balls!!!!!!

    [sorry, I couldn’t help myself]

    TPL responds: Neither could I. LOL 😉

  4. Holy Smokes! You’re rockin’ with limericks! Well done – hope to see you around Robin’s poetry bush again!

    TPL responds: That could be arranged, as long as the dog doesn’t pee on the bush. 😀

  5. Wow! You’ve been busy!

    : D

    TPL responds: nah, I’m just the indecisive rambler. LOL

  6. Ha!

    Brilliant, as always, my friend.

    TPL responds: Thanks DMama J… 😀

  7. Wow – I racked my brain coming up with only 1 poem – and you put out a bunch. Good job.

    TPL responds: Hey, that means we got great news: both of our brains work! 🙂

  8. WOW! Now I am put to shame. Great job.

  9. WOW! Great job! I enjoyed reading them all. 😀

  10. It was a smorgasbord of limericks!!! Loved it! I was lucky to come up with ONE haha

  11. Fun! Fun! Fun!

    I did some too!!! 🙂

    Junie Rose

    TPL responds: *claps* good job. 😀

  12. Great job!

    TPL responds: Thanks, Sandy. 🙂

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