That’s Strange

I have a computer game with talking characters. One of the more feisty characters likes to say, “That’s lamer than a kitty with a hangnail.” I usually just giggle and move on, but today I thought about it, and ended up searching for it. Well, I found one such kitty, so you can judge for yourself. It’s strange, but I think I’ve seen lamer. Have you? 😮

Here’s a strange but cool place… The Sarcastic Mom.  She’s very fun in her blog with her wacky sense of humor. Her latest topic delicacy? Poop. It’s disgusting, but you.can’t.look.away.  You’ll see. Trust me, you want to click just to go “ewwwww”. 😉

Anyone looking for a unique and strange holiday/Christmas gift? I see there’s a celebrity chestnut for sale on EBay. The price per nut is enough to give a starving artist a heart attack. My goodness!

And, here’s a blog that’s shows all sorts of odd stuff. It’s chock full of nutty weirdness. 😀

In other weird news, I think all the comments left in response to my poetry has caused me to have my head swelling a bit. The ego boost is not a bad thing. However, it has me under the delusion that I could be an author and write a book of poetry. Is that a scary thought or what?

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One response to “That’s Strange

  1. Dear Pear Lady, many thanks for recommending my Oddly Enough blog. Pear Lady readers are more than welcome there for a regular helping of nutty weirdness.
    best regards,
    Bob Basler

    TPL responds: And, I thank you for stopping by my humble home. You’re welcome back anytime. 🙂

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