Welcome to the middle of the week

As I’ve said in previous entries, I am sometimes easily amused.  For instance, the title of this message is an homage to Monty Python. While surfing web sites this week,  I found a little graphic in the profile of collide-iscopes journal.  I love it! Sometimes, I think mine is busted, too. LOL

Luckily, it’s not fully busted today, as I still care, a little bit anyhow. Junebug pointed me to another web site where we can all help the hungry. *thumbs up*

Free Rice (dot) com - Feed the Hungry! Free Rice (dot) com

Click and play the game and sponsors will donate free rice in efforts to end world hunger. It’s a multiple choice word test. The words are challenging at times, but good for keeping up your vocabulary skills.

Yes, I’ve played and watched the rice “grow” in my bowl.  I think I found the words most challenging upon lack of sleep (D’ oh!).  Still, it’s a pretty cool and relatively easy way to use one’s computer to solve a much larger problem . 😉

Happy Hump Day! 😉
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