Gobble, Gobble

—-Beep, Beep, Beep—-
This is an emergency message of ThePearLady blog network. The owner of this blog is currently ‘suffering’ from Turkey Overdose Syndrome. She’ll recover in a few hours after the tryptophan* wears off, hopefully.
Thank you for your time, patience and understanding.
We now return you to your regular programming (or lack thereof).
—-Beep, Beep, Beep—-

*disclaimer: this part is my lame attempt at humor. I’m aware of the fact that tryphtophan is not really the cause for turkey sleepiness. I’m just being silly.

It’s Pear’s Trivia Mini-Hour: a game of “Did you know?…”

**I can cook! Yeah, occasionally this statement is true. (Surprise!) My turkey turned out so wonderfully today I’m still bursting with pride (well, bursting physically, too – LOL). Anyone want a turkey sandwich? mmm, it’s good. 🙂

For those people that can think today, here’s a link to a Thanksgiving Quiz. I got ten right, myself (which is “turkeyrrific!” but received only half marks for forgetting my presidential trivia. Oops!) 😛

To those visitors celebrating, may you have a Happy Thanksgiving. To everyone else, may you have a Happy Day (where at least one thing goes well)!

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