It’s beginning to feel a lot like…

Baby, it’s cold outside. I had a graphic signature that echoed that phrase once. I’d display it, however it’s copyright permissions have changed preventing me from doing so. Rest assured, it’s cute in a demented sort of way. Anyway, that phrase not just a song title these days, for it really is cold out there. Okay, maybe not snow cold here – yet. But, it’s not all bad, even when the rainy crud that comes in tow. One of our local radio stations, Sunny 99 in Houston. is playing Christmas music again, to help capture that holiday spirit.  I have yet to put up the lights, but I’m seriously thinking about it soon. When? Probably some time this weekend or upcoming week, depending on what’s still working. Whoa..ramble alert once again from me. *slaps forehead*
Anyway, Christmas time I like, even if it will be sort of miserable without friends and family this year. I miss them all terribly, even if it’s not mutual. Surfing blogs today, I run into a couple Christian/Gospel singers I’ve adored for the longest time, namely Michael W. Smith and Amy Grant. I’ve many memories listening to each of their music. Amy’s “El Shaddai” still tears me up and makes me smile at the same time. And, Michael has a great new holiday cd out that I’d love to find in my stocking. In the meantime, their sites and music samples will have to satisfy me. 🙂

Whoa! Am I getting sappy today or is NaBloPoMo just wearing me down to the core? LOL Either way, I do hope something I’ve said is touching on some level, even to those visitors typing in “Chris Baker” to their search engines several times a day. Oh my, people, you do amaze sometimes.

Of course, if someone has a comment to get me going in another perhaps more suitable or at least different direction, feel free to enter it at this time. Or if you have more to add or suggestion of something else to see, do leave a comment.

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