Day 29…feeling fine…whatever

Wow. I waited almost a whole month to say that line. 😛

For the curious, the line comes from a lame television commercial for an air freshener. Two girls singing a silly song, one song for every day the air freshener is working (30 days of fresh air). The dumb song has been off and on in my head for a while now, and reminds me I’d like to toss a wet noodle at whomever produced / wrote that ad. And, probably toss some wet noodles the girls as well. LOL

Today in the life of the Pear Lady, nothing of consequence really happened. Oh, one thing: I stumbled across my horoscope which said that because my sign is in the Moon, I may be moodier than usual. So, I guess that’s why I’m roaring this way and that way with a grumpy attitude lately. It’s the Moon’s fault. *evil grin, dripping with sarcasm* ROFL

flying smiley

Arrgh…please excuse me, now. I’ve to fly out of here and smash my computer keyboard. Virtually, that is…no need to call the Computer Abuse Hotline. The shift key is making my pinky ache, and making it difficult to type (forces me to slow way down and upping my annoyance/stress factor). Curses thou droning weather-bitten device that I love using too much!

Until later, folks…
This is “Papa-Echo-Alpha-Romeo   Lima-Alpha-Delta-Yankee”   signing off. 🙂
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Thanks to Bravo Tango Charlie for sharing the aviation alphabet.


One response to “Day 29…feeling fine…whatever

  1. Prenin the Cleric

    Hi hun!!!! 🙂

    Hope you have some spare cash – new keyboards cost under £10 here in the UK!
    I got one for £6.50 from an internet store called, so hopefully you will be able to find one near wherever you are in the world!!!
    Do not suffer hun – splash the cash!!! 🙂

    Love and hugs!


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