Brought to you by the number 30

30 days has September, April, June and NOVEMBER…”
And, I’ve made it through 30 days of NaBloPoMo – posting [at least] once a day for the whole month. It hasn’t been too painful, has it?!? For me, either. 😉

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Of course, a prize would be lovely for all this hard work, but even if one doesn’t come to pass, at least I can say “I did it! I survived the whole month! And, I still have readers, too!” Thank you to those who have endured my ramblings. 😀

It leaves me thinking, what will be my next challenge? I’ve not a clue right now, though it’ll be something to see. The main thing I’m thinking about at the moment is getting the yard prepared for the holiday lighting. That, and the fact I’ve been so blasted tired today, but I’m not quite sure why. So, there’s not much room for much else for this entry. I’ll definitely have to make up for it later. Perhaps post some pictures of my results. *yawn* It’s nap time, so I’m going to go recharge. Until later, folks.

Have a good weekend…good reading, light-trimming, rambling, or whatever makes you happy!

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7 responses to “Brought to you by the number 30

  1. oh crap! I have a lot of catching up to do!!!! yay! I love a good read! 😀 hi dear how are you!?! 🙂 xxxxxx

    TPL responds: A bit tired, my dear LOLBee (I like that nickname, too – hehe)…have fun reading my rambles. 😀

  2. You made it through! Enjoy your well deserved nap.

    TPL responds: Thank you, dear Ms.F. And, yes, it was wonderful..and then I woke up. LOL

  3. Congrats on reaching number 30. Your blog reminded me that it’s December already and my Christmas boxes are still sitting in the garage waiting for me to dig out the decorations and pretty up the house. Curses! Do I decorate, or do I blog…. the Holiday stress is building.

    TPL responds: Yep, I’m experiencing that question, too…and, slowly, ever so slowly, am making progress. Good luck dealing with that stress! *hands you some hot chocolate or tea for relaxing*

  4. I have to count my knuckles to remember which month has 31 days in it! Great job with NaNoMOBlowME!

    TPL responds: hehe, I always do that poem. I so like mnemonic devices, and the phrases that can come from them. 😀

  5. Congratulations!

    TPL responds: Thanks, dear Jenny…next time, you join up, and we’ll blow the rest of ’em away! 😉

  6. You get MAJOR bragging points…at least until next November!

    TPL responds: {starts to strut around like a peacock, gets a neck cramp from looking up so much} hehe. T’was fun and I look forward to doing it again.

  7. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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