Share Your Holidays

It’s once again time to get in the spirit of the holidays. So far, all I’ve done really is put up lights. (yeah, I know…lazy me, but they do look neat – well, I and the neighbors think so anyway). Another sort of tradition is volunteering one’s time and goods (canned, clothed, and toy) to a local shelter. For my part, I’ve donated my efforts to an event called “Share Your Holidays“, a local food drive (and some toys/miscellaneous items), though i don’t really think of it as just doing a duty because it’s usually a lot of fun. 😀

(extra tidbit: it used to be called “Share your Christmas”, then the politically correct gurus took charge and changed the name. But, luckily, it’s the same concept.)

If anyone is near the Houston area, I encourage you to come out and give anything you can, even if just a can beans or offering some help to sort the items as they arrive or wrapping gifts. I literally walked into this charity event one year, a few years ago, and have done it ever since, even though I say every year that “I may go…I’m not sure yet if I’ll be up to it.” And, I tell myself I must go to sleep for a long day ahead. Then, I stay up all night exciting thinking. Alarm goes off to  go, and the phrase again comes in my head. But, I go. Afterwards, I’m glad I did it.
Bonus incentive to help: you may meet me. But, don’t let that prospect scare you off the event entirely, I’ll only say hi if you’re not frightened. 😉

If you’re not in the area, well…give to a local charity…you never know of what may come of the good you do until you get out there and do it! 🙂

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2 responses to “Share Your Holidays

  1. Good thoughts and a worthy cause. I am too in-tuned to the all powerful gurus who re-named Christmas as “holidays”, but the ideas are still there if just under a different heading. My facilty provides food to local shelters and we are also donating Toys for Tots. As you do, I recommend we all give what we can for those who will see the season as a blessing and not one of hardship.
    Nekked Lizard Man

  2. Cheers to you for giving of yourself to help!! Our son was raiding the pantry last night looking for cans to take to school.

    TPL responds: all right to your son for that spirit! (and to his parents, too, of course) *thumbs up* 😀

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