Being Rude With Class

I’ve been collecting again. Lord, help the packrat within me! LOL It does help one -not- to get things done though..I must stop This time, thanks to IGoogle, I’ve found a terrific little widget that offers one Shakespearean insults. That’s right…one can step into the past [the sixteenth century], and insult another one with class (or just confuse the daylights out of the uneducated). To me, it’s for when one wants more more crude words (F-words, S-words, etc.), not that those words aren’t classy enough…just a different style. But, if I can offer some advice, may one never use them in vain, else one may be hurled more than insults. 😉

Thou artless malmsey-nosed barnacle!

Thou droning boil-brained dewberry!

Were I like thee I’d throw away myself.
  -Taken from: Timon of Athens

[You] live in the rank sweat of an enseamed bed,
Stew’ d in corruption, honeying and making love ove the nasty sty!

  -Taken from: Hamlet

Thou lumpish boil-brained lout!

Thou infectious fly-bitten malcontent!

[Thou art] a very superficial, ignorant, unweighing fellow.
  -Taken from: Measure for Measure

[Thine] horrid image doth unfix my hair.
  -Taken from: Macbeth

pierced smiley sticking tongue out; smiley (c) by
Now, may we go forth, and insult with class (like the above smiley)! LOL Note for the clueless: Yes, I’m being slightly sarcastic on this post. It’s meant to be entertaining and  superficial. One should never insult someone intentionally, unless they’re absolutely positively sure he/she won’t get caught. ;P

To learn more about William Shakespeare, and his monstrous load of written materials, check out:, Shakespeare Anagrams, Shakespeare Crossword Puzzle 

Have a great day..good blogging, reading, sex.on.the.beach, or whatever makes you happy!

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