I Won! I Won! Party time!

Woohoo! I’ve had a winning day, well at least virtually! (In real life, it was a work day, but a good one) Anyway… Yesterday, I battled in my first Blog Battle at BlogExplosion. Before I explain further, first some back story of how I got there. I actually ended up there because someone came to my blog through there, and so I checked it out again. While there, I discovered I had some unused credits just gathering dust, so I decided to use them, but how? I went over to the battle of the blogs page and saw an open competitor.  The battle began.

As you may gather from the above graphic, I was doubtful of winning, but just happy to be in the game (get some attention to the blog, etc.).  When I received a comment from a BE member, I thought “mission accomplished, no matter what the final result of the battle”. Then, in my email came the big news – I won the battle! Whoa! *claps* Yea, me! I took a screen shot of the win shortly thereafter…
A *huge* “Thank you!!” to the BE members that voted for me, and for the others for coming by the site. You’ve all made me have an awesome moment, of which I appreciate immensely. So, everyone that helped (including my competitor), you get a gold star.
Angel with gold star smiley - provided by smileycentral.com


But, that’s not all, folks! For my other stress reliever, I like to play some games at Neopets (well, in addition to the stress relief I can leave little notes for my little cousins *grin*).  Well, I entered their plushie giveaway, just for kicks. And, what do you know – I was a weekly winner of a plushie – a purple chomby, to be exact! For those wondering, that’s the name of one of their virtual pets on the site.
holey moley smiley - provided by smileycentral.com
I should receive it in about a month, and I’ll try to post a picture when I do. Then, we can all revel in its cuteness. I’m not sure what I’ll do with it at this time. The only thing I can think of is giving it to my cousins, however I’ll have to wait because that’d be an expensive little bugger to ship! In the meantime, if you’d love to relieve some stress, bond with your kids, or whatever, click on the Neopets link and join. Or if you’re, do say “hi” to me if/when you visit.


Whew! I don’t know about you, but I’m a bit tired, so I shall retire back to my feed reader and catch up on some blogs / news. Until later, all. G’ Night!

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