FYI Chris Baker Fans

For all those people forever searching for news on former local talk show host Chris Baker – making this post very popular – , good news for him (and probably more for his wife)…he’s working again!  Unfortunately, he’s going to freeze his head off, for he’s relocating to Minnesota! (LOL) He’ll be at KTLK-FM Minneapolis. These details have been gathered via local news guy Mike McGuff and BlogHouston (BH includes a link to a forum to discuss it all).

–No worries, Houston…you should be able to listen to his morning show online, for the radio station does have a live stream. However, his information is not quite up yet on the radio site, but my guess it should be soon, depending on how long the move takes, etc.–

See, I knew he’d bounce back somewhere. Best of luck I wish to him and his family. What a move! 😀

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5 responses to “FYI Chris Baker Fans

  1. I’m so happy for Chris. Really miss him. 950 am is terrible. I don’t know what Clear Channel is thinking but I don’t listen anyone. I have gone to 1070 a.m. (Bill Bennett, etc.) and KTRH late afternoon has really fizzled. Michael Berry is so boring. I had a feeling he was going to take over everything. Big Mistake.Please pass along to Chris if possible. Thanks.

    TPL responds: I knew he’d find something, and also feel it’s a mistake of what happened but oh well…thank goodness for the internet we can keep track wherever he bounces, even Minnesota. 😀

  2. I was so sorry to hear Chris had been replaced by that boring Michael Berry. I guess Chris ruffled Berry’s feathers by being outspoken and being popular. I’m glad Chris is working again but I’m sorry it’s not here in Houston.

    TPL responds: Indeed. Thanks for the comment.

  3. It is unbelievable that Chris Baker was replaced by Michael Berry. I tried to listen to Berry and was deeply disappointed. He is very boring and I believe he thinks he is more intelligent than he really is. I will not longer support 950 am as a listener.

    Clear Channel’s Management never ceases to amaze me with some of their bone head decisions.

  4. glad to hear he is working we miss him in houston

  5. Just heard that Baker is coming back to houston starting Monday March 2nd 2009. With a return to 950 KPRC from 3-5pm. Yahoo Chris and welcome home!

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