Get the door – it’s The Pear Lady

I could either kick my blog friend Jenny or treat her to a beeragarita for turning me back on to this site.! I first discovered a site like it (or this one, I’m not sure) a few years ago, and it tickled me as much then as now. If nothing else, it’s good for some amusement and possible ego boost. (And, of course, we all know how much I need the latter at my little blog here – LOL)

Here are a few interesting slogans I captured, upon refreshing:

Proof one should stay on my good side…

Yes, for those wondering..there’s good inside…

Dependable, I am. Yoda has taught me well. ;P

Better than Nike, or so’s the rumor…
(whoa, I’ve been hanging around some Drama Mamas too long…eeps! They’re corrupting my innocence. LOL)

As Larry the Cable Guy would say, let’s get’er done!

Mmm, this next one’s a given…

And, I’m good for you, too.
(Go ahead…taste the rainbow of the Pear Lady. Oh wait, you already are – you’re here! Have I told you lately that I like your feeding on me? The Pear Lady. She is what she is. Uh-oh, I can’t stop the cheesy tag lines from coming to my head!! *screams*)

If you see another interesting one, do share it with the class. I can always use the amusement. 😉
Later, y’all!

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2 responses to “Get the door – it’s The Pear Lady

  1. Taste the rainbow of the Pear Lady.

    Love it.

    TPL responds: That is a wild thought, eh… LOL *hands out bags of Skittles*

  2. I gotta check this out. Love it!

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