Idol Birthday Mishmash

It’s.time.for.American…IDOL!! Yeah, it’s been on my television, I must admit. It’s going all right, I guess: no really outstanding performances, and a couple of bland ones. It’s a Sixties night theme, and two guys have already tackled Elvis songs (okay performances, they were – that’s about it). If you want more AI info, check my blogroll for the AI forum, or wait a day, and head over to the Chronicle blog Tubular for the high/low lights. Actually, I think the Elvis songs are just my blog pal Nikki in disguise cleverly sending another reminder of her annual Elvis contest. (LOL!) I’m not sure if I can top my last year’s entry, though, in which I took Elvis on a tour around the neighborhood [here’s one of the hi-lights of the tour]. She’s extended the deadline, so we’ll see if anything transpires from my mind for this contest. Stay tuned.

In other news, I’ve been looking through my search statistics again, and I found one looking for: “free birthday poems in German”.  Most intriguing!  Here’s a poem for such an occasion.

A variation of the Happy Birthday song in German (same tune, different words)

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag
Sie leben in einem Zoo,
den Sie wie ein Affe riechen
und Sie sehen wie einer, auch aus!
(aber, keine Angelegenheit, liebe ich Sie noch)

There you go. See, I do provide occasionally. Babelfish helped me with this translation, but it’s fairly close to the original poem I created. Of course, if you wish to contribute your own German poetry to aid this person’s “quest”, do leave one in the comments section, or link to this post on your blog. Maybe I’ll even give you a treat. It could happen.

Though I’ve more on my mind as per usual, I’m thinking that’s a good stopping place for the moment. Until later, folks. 🙂

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