I want to go to Las Vegas!

I must be having a looney tunes moment (if Tweety Bird bursts out of my butt, I’m screwed for sure), for I’ve done it now. My “sin of the moment” is that I entered the ICHC Poker Cat contest! Yeah, I know, but how can I resist those LOL Cats?!? Anyway, please click and vote. Even if you think I’m the worst of the worst, the vote will just tickle me pink. Now, if by some miracle, I’d actually win [the trip for two to Las Vegas]…just think what’d that would tickle! }:-0

The Scene: Two kittehs having a poker night…no rulez, just all stakes play ’til you’re out of chips.

One kitteh says:
crazy, funny pix
More on the online Poker Cats Contest

And, the other kitteh responds:
crazy, funny pix
More on the online Poker Cats Contest

The competition’s pretty tough, from what I can see already. Still, just for grins, I could not resist sending in this submission [for the ICHC site only, not the Poker contest].
funny pictures
moar funny pictures

But, if you could vote, that’d be great. All it requires is clicking on the picture, then clicking on the cheezburgers (rating: 1 to 5 burgers).

Why would I like to win this trip? I’ve a college friend (almost a sorority sister) that moved up there a while ago that I’d love to see again. I’ve not talked to her in a long while, and I’d love to catch up with her and her family again. Last time we chatted, she tried to set me up with this guy friend of hers (well, to “show him around the area”). Unfortunately, my computer fried and I lost my computer files (where the numbers, etc. were) just after we talked, and have yet to really forgive myself.  Anyway, I’d love to amend this unfortunate luck, and see her dear kids who are all grown now (I babysat them a bit, so I’m somewhat emotionally attached to them). Oh, well…we all have our burdens to bear, eh. Hmm. Thanks for reading while I spilled my virtual guts. I do hope I’ve not spoiled your dinner. 😛
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2 responses to “I want to go to Las Vegas!

  1. Okay….I have to admit. I am no fan of felines. But then I got to the baby seal and I was totally, disgustingly smitten! Sigh.

    Also, although it is totally, 100% not in keeping with my personality, I then voted for said seal. God help me.

    TPL responds: May God have mercy upon you and me both. 😀

  2. Thanks for visiting my site.
    I voted also. Hope you win!
    Have a great weekend.

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