Weekend poetry session

I’ve been inspired by the Weekend Wordsmith! The writing prompt of the moment is an unneeded puzzle piece. I’m not sure why, but my mind went to the following thoughts/poems.

This poetry is a bit different from the last time. Do let me know if you like what I’ve created here (please, my ego is due for a feeding again).

Puzzling Life
My life is like a puzzle
that is yet to be solved
another piece is always added
several more gone lost
it’s confusing to even think
yet thinking I must continue to do
though I fear the day I solve the puzzle
my life will be through.

~©ThePearLady 2008

Then, this next poem came to mind, based on the picture of that puzzle piece in the WW journal entry.

Just a discarded corner piece
a psychedelic pattern within
nowhere to go
nowhere to fit in
the kid at the party with no one to talk
sitting in the corner alone
watching the action as it passes
with “what if’s” and “if only’s”
running inside one’s head
the night ends, and into the
darkness one goes
never to be seen
unless someone drifts by
and rescues one from the abyss.
Oh, but to dream again!

~©ThePearLady 2008

It’s strange yet wondrous how the mind works sometimes.

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8 responses to “Weekend poetry session

  1. yes life is a puzzle isn’t it? I’ve also felt like the unneeded corner piece too at times. Thanks for sharing

    TPL responds: I’m glad you provided the piece to be used. It made for a neat little inspiration, and not just for me. 😀

  2. PearLady:

    Within the context of analytic psychotherapy one might say you’ve tapped into your “outsider material”.

    Within the context of bloggy commentary, one might say this: Girl, you just rock on with your bad self!

    TPL responds: I’m doing my best I can for the given moment (I’d say I’m trying, but I can still imagine Yoda popping out and saying “Do, or do not, there is no try.” 😀

  3. You wrote a couple of nice poems! Feel free to post them on my website if you want to. It would be an honor.

    TPL responds: Thank you, Jon, I’m very appreciative that you like them so.

  4. What an interesting prompt- and two exciting poems. Thanks for the tip on Weekend Wordsmith.

    TPL responds: Thanks for stopping by as well as the complements, and glad I could help. 😉

  5. Intelligent. I like the first one more than the second one, but I do like both.

  6. i think the fact that we are all seemingly missing a piece or two of ourselves seems to permeate… i feel that way often… i really liked the first poem…

    the second was more fun and whimsy, but the message rings thru….

  7. Those are lovely. I think I like the first best, but I couldn’t say why.

  8. I posted an entry about life being a puzzle in my other blog (http://photographicthoughts.wordpress.com) and your post came out as a possible related entry. I thought I’d check you out.

    I am glad I did. Your entry’s good!


    TPL responds: wow..I think that’s my first ‘related’ link that’s worked really well. Totally wicked cool. Now, I’m really glad WP made that add-on. And, I’m glad you enjoyed the entry. 🙂

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