Hopping Around The WWW

Well,  I don’t know about you, but I’m a pooped puppy today. I’m not sure why. I can only guess that when I’m working (on personal projects or on-the-job, etc.), I must be putting in 100% into the activity. That’s good and bad, for it causes me to do a sort of crash-recharge time. Anyway, some of my local blog pals have been typing about various links around the “internets”, causing me to find even more interesting material of which to lose more sleep time. “Gotta love ’em”. ;P

Though I’ve eaten a very good homemade pasta salad for tonight and really no desire to eat right now, I’ve to admit the Houstonist is making me seriously hungry reminding me of the Rodeo barbeque this weekend and teasing me with haikus of yummy sweets. I may just have to fork up the money to get out into the world this weekend. I wonder if I can still flirt my way into the private tents? Hmm. It could be an interesting time. I shall have to consider this idea further.

My local blog pal Jenny aka The Bloggess has recently updated her blogroll into the freaking stratosphere! My goodness, that’s a lot of links there, that it may take a while for me to go through them all (although luckily some are already on my own blogroll – whew!). I’m not-so-secretly happy to be amongst all those links. 😉

A site that I’ve recently discovered has the uber-cool title, I am the Lizard Queen. I’m particularly enamored with the “Hump Day Poetry“, which is good for a grin or so. (Side note: Why have I been so focused on poetry again, including my own, I’m not sure. But, I’m glad I have been writing again, judging by the recent feedback I’ve been getting. *grin*)

And, it’s no surprise (to me) that one of my other local blog pals, Obi-wan-ding, has turned me on to a couple more new sites.  First, she showed me some seriously weirdness on the web called the Techno Occult. It’s seriously cool, and yet disturbing. Second, the smart Dr. Miggy has me seriously considering writing my congressman after publishing this little piece about what the government is doing with Medicare money again. Anyone with an older loved one out there should read this article. It makes me furious when government does this stuff, and yet at the same time, I feel powerless to change things (despite having the right to vote, etc.). Perhaps now, it’s time that I find my voice. Perhaps we all should.

Oh, and I almost forgot! Go over and vote in the Elvis sighting contest at Nikki’s place. Hint: if you vote for the ones that look that they were taken with a bad camera, I will *heart* you almost forever. 😉

Wow! That’s some serious linkage I have up there. I do believe it’s time to stop, at least for the moment. No wonder I wear myself out, I ramble 24/7! LOL Anyway, back to American Idol again (talk about drama…though no one is really standing out, except for maybe David A. But, I still like my favorite nurse rocker Amanda, even if she’s having an off-night. Oh well.) Until later, folks.

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2 responses to “Hopping Around The WWW

  1. I’m having trouble just getting through the A’s on my blogroll. Luckily, you’re still on my super-secret blogroll that gets visited more than once a quarter. Loving the tech blog you posted to.

  2. It seriously cracks me up that you so consistently now refer to me as “Obi-Wan Ding”!!! I mean, I just got back from my morning rounds and I’m sitting here back in my jammies again, spilling coffee on myself in a semi-pathetic way, looking extremely un-wise, and decidedly un-Yoda.

    But hey, thanks for the shout-out!

    TPL responds: *claps* When I’ve made someone smile…my day is complete (well, almost). As for spilling the coffee, that’ll teach you for multi-tasking. Do I have to buy you a bib? ;D

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