The Day After…Good Intentions

I really have good intentions about my blog and posting, but something gets in the way, usually me having too many thoughts in my head that by the time I get on out I forget what I’m doing. Ack, that’s a major ramble sentence to start this post. I’ve not felt much like talking lately though…sniping, yes, I’ve done a bit, unfortunately–just hormonal crap, but one must deal or die. 😦

Uncle Sam voting smiley One of the latest highlights happened last night, as I participated in my first primary caucus. **Looking back** At first, I was not sure if I’d make it on time to vote, but amazingly I showed up just in time (actually about ten minutes ’til close)! Waiting in line became a bit of a chore, but we all managed. I totally felt for the parents with antsy kids in tow, and tried to help entertain as much as possible LOL. It took about an hour or so to complete the vote, so I missed American Idol on Tuesday. But, I completed the gist of the process (staying to caucus…an interesting experience). I even ran into some friends / neighbors [who just happened to vote the same way], which was cool.

Unfortunately, I’ve gotten a bit behind with my email lately. I’m kind of frightened at what might be lurking in there (wondering who’s getting mad at me for not replying fast enough, etc.). I’m thinking I need to get in that thing really soon. Ahhh…more good intentions. The road to hell really is paved with them, eh. Or so it is said.

One reason that may be causing my lack of daily duties (besides tiredness) is that I’m still surfing, for better or worse. Right now, I’m having “fun” over at Shannon’s Rocks in my Dryer. She put up a “Backwards Version” of her Works-for-me Wednesday bit, in which one asks a question to the readers (vs. giving the weekly tip/advice). Some of the links (questions) are quite intriguing.

writing note smileyOne thought that keeps going through my head involves my poetry, and if it’d ever be worth publishing [for real, not just through my blog]. I wonder if anyone else would be as interested to read my inspirations…hmm. I even pondered the notion of having my doodles accompany the poetry. Is that not a wild thought? What do you think?

Uh-oh, my thoughts runneth out of my head again, which is just as well, as my cursor keeps jumping paragraphs tonight (consequently driving me battier than usual). So, I shall say “adieu” for now. Oh, one more thought…did catch AI tonight…Amanda was much better (good for her). Though, I’m not sure who(m) should go, as there are several on the fence, including Houston’s own Kady Malloy. What do you think? I’m thinking we shall see where the votes lie tomorrow night.

Edit: I nearly forgot about -the- blog party! Any early party-goers, I’ll have a blog party post soon. In the meantime, you can get to know me by visiting the tab “Inside the Pear Lady” or view a Random slice. 😀

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2 responses to “The Day After…Good Intentions

  1. Pear Lady! You have multitudes of books within you, I am certain of it. Write. Publish. Create. Do it. You can.

  2. you are an encyclopaedia of thoughts and dont curse em.. you can never run out of them.. it is just the entangling which makes the mess… sit in solitude and watch the sun rise and sun set.. it will give your thoughts a line to flow in.. it will give your bubbles words 🙂 and we will be waiting!

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