Weekend Poetry – Gossip Edition

Hello there! It’s time to see how the Weekend Wordsmith has inspired me. This week, the writing prompt is a picture of two people telling a secret to one another.

Basketball is hot, hot, hot today in Houston, thanks to our team on a winning streak. So, I’ve written a little haiku in honor of their success. (why a haiku? blame SciGuy  this time–LOL!)

Have you heard the news today?
The Rockets have won yet again.
That makes the streak 22!

~©ThePearLady 2008
This second poem is a garden variety rhyme, just to prove I still can (and without the rhyming dictionary–amazing).

Gossip-mongers get their thrill
on the latest actresses in the rumor mill
from Lindsay, to Paris, and (of course) Britney
the “old-school” still even follow Whitney!
It keeps the Paparazzi in the biz
And, makes the rest of us go “Gee whiz!”
If only people wouldn’t buy this junk
But, how many would be out of work without this bunk?

~©ThePearLady 2008

Weird, yes I know. But, it’s what I thought of when I saw the word “gossip”. Hmm.  And, yes, they’re unnamed. Got a good title? Do tell.

As always, if you wish to feed my ego (or, *gasp* deflate it a notch), the comments are open now.

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3 responses to “Weekend Poetry – Gossip Edition

  1. You, my friend, should be a rapper.

    Fabulous rhymes.

    Did I spell rhymes right? It looks weird.

    TPL responds: Hmm. Maybe a lyricist behind those guys. I’m not sure the outfit would work on me. LOL Yep, you did. And, yes, it looks weird….fits right in. ;D

  2. I’ve always loved the term “Gossip-mongers.” Sounds kind of brutish … as if large-headed ladies with freakishly man-like facial features were whispering to each other while popping the heads off of small dogs.

    *brr* Vicious!

    TPL responds: One thing they’re good for…gives us plenty of blog fodder of which to write and write again. 😀

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