Sick – A Parody of Madness Unleashed

(A parody in honor of two of my favorite poets, Shel Silverstein and Dr. Seuss)

Uh-oh. I have not blogged today
Nor did I blog yesterday
I did not blog upon a boat
I did not blog atop a goat
I blogged not on hunts during Easter break
There are no blurry pictures, real or fake
I do not know what I can do
To make this up to all of you
But, I hope this poem gives at least a grin
If so, maybe we’ll consider this a half-assed win.
Wait…you say today is still Monday?
G’bye. Away to Neopets I go to play. 😀
~(c)ThePearLady 2008

Yeah, I know it’s lame, but I’m not up to a confessional as my blog friend, Obi-Wan-Ding (nor could I do it as well), and I’m too late to participate in Swampwitch’s Fun Monday. I’m saving my ABC’s for next month, anyway (you’ll see *sly grin*). Well, maybe I’ll share a few abc’s now…in 3D, no doubt:

It’s pretty cool…at least the first time through…after that, I guess it’s time to sell it back on Amazon. It’s definitely a much quicker read than what I’m reading now, but not a more satisfying one (I’m reading Barack Obama’s memoir).  How can one not have a crush on Obama? Even with this hilarious but indeed very wrong picture…I still like him. And, I’m in good company. Truly Hawesome. 😀

And, while I am speaking of having a “crush”, I’m remembering that infamous You Tube video of course. And, this reminds me of some other news, the YouTube award winners were announced this past weekend, with a few of my favorites as winners (namely Potter Pals and the What-the-Buck show, both of which I voted). Yeah! Oh, how I like good news. (and, may have more later…I’m debating about waiting to do a giant post later, or leaking the news out now…hmm).

Oh, goodness, I’m rambling again. Anyone have a rubber bat to knock over my record-skipping head [again]? I seem to have misplaced mine. See you later, chickadees…and chickadudes (?), too. ;P
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5 responses to “Sick – A Parody of Madness Unleashed

  1. I dig the poem! BTW- you surprise should get to you shortly!

    TPL responds: *goes out to root for the postal carrier* “Go, Go, Go!” ;D

  2. I LOVE your poem!

    I’d like to see a picture of you blogging “atop a goat.” Just the thought of it makes me smile.


    TPL responds: Typing / re-reading the goat part made me giggle as well. And, making a person (or so) smile…definitely a good thing. Thanks for stopping by my humble abode. And, the comment makes my day. 🙂

  3. I like ze poem as well!

    Can I start saying “chickadude”? I think this may just become my new word.

    Your blog is so fun to search! There’s always some new nugget or contest or thingamadoodle (chickamadoodle?) to click on and explore.

    Obi-Wan-Ding <—cracks me up!

    TPL responds: I love making up words to use in everyday conversation. It makes life “interesting”. LOL And, yes, I even click on random posts of my own…never quite sure where one may land. And, most of the time, I end up giggling at what was said (we won’t talk about cringing at the occasional typo before I had a spell checker – arrgh. ;P)

  4. Your poem = sheer brilliance.

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