Brought to you by the letters IQ: I Quit

This blog community is ridiculous. Perhaps I should wave my magic wand at it or something. Yes, that’s a Harry Potter book reference. Har-de-har-har. Why the heck should I do this blog thing? I entertain the heck out of people (well, in my mind I do). Okay, so I get a little feedback. But, is that productive, or help keep me going financially? Yeah, sure it does. Excuse me a moment while I clear my pockets of all this money earned from this little blog. So, I guess I’ve to quit. Quit blogging…quit talking…quit living. Get ready to party, people. My quitting has been what you’ve always dreamed, eh. I’ll never be like many of my popular blog friends. They’re all interesting, but I’m just whom I am. I’m a kid at heart, but not much of a writer. Okay then. Shall we end it all with a little poem? (Inside) And, then…the goodbye.

The Quitter

I will not quit today
You’d miss me too much anyway
It’s just a little prank
Conjured deep within the depths of my think tank
I hope that’s relief upon your face I see
Because I do like blogging to you – giving all glee!
Happy April Fool’s Day to you
And, no worries–I’m staying, true blue!
~ThePearLady (c)2008

(oh, crap…I forgot to breathe again and turned blue….*takes a breath and turns green like a good li’l pear lady should look* Yeah, I know…bad joke. Oh well. And, yes, I do appreciate all the feedback and comments I’ve been given on this humble little blog. You’ve made me smile many times. I can only hope to continue returning the favor.)

*narrator’s voice booms*
This post is brought to you by the ABC’s! –Insert Sesame Street theme– (All together now: “Sunny days, chasing the clouds away, on my way to where the air is clean…” Okay, so I paraphrased it. LOL) A is for April! A new month…and a theme, too! (Letters, duh…see Nablopomo [link: Blogrolls /April]for more information from Eden).Good day, everyone!

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