Brought to you by the letter C

C is for…

  • Crazy spam that attempts to tease me with phrases like “live long in bed” (Though I’m no prude and appreciate a healthy sex life, I’d rather go to the park, movies or something else, too TYVM. After all, there’s only so many hours in the day. ;P ), “Unbelievable prices only for lmited period” (Learn to spell in your email and maybe I’ll believe you), “Submit your nomination for MBA” (But, of course! Who has the time to be earning one’s degree the honest way with hard work in grad school. Perish the thought! :P~ ), and let us not forget all email that wants to increase my penis size–said in a foreign language. Gee thanks, but no thanks. Thank goodness for good spam filters!
  • Callapillar Days and how she encourages so many people to read and blog on a variety of books every season! (Reading is fun naturally, but the Amazon gift certificate is always a sweet bonus. *grin* )
  • Cooking with Rachel Ray and Betty Crocker…delicious pictures, videos to walk one through so many easy recipes. There may be hope for my culinary skills yet! Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but I do appreciate the good food the sites help me produce. Like Campbell’s soup, it’s “Mmm, mmm, good.
  • Cool catch phrases like “I have to have it”, “Have it your way”, “I’ve been Kawasaki-ed”, and “Living life one slice at a time”. Bonus points to you for knowing the origins of these phrases. (And, of course, one can find/make more using the Urban Dictionary. Brilliant site idea, that was!)
  • And, the Car Talk guys…especially when the guys actually have a funny moment or two. ;P The list of credits they have is a favorite read. I only wish the show would not cost so much for my local NPR station. Yikes! They make a load off of doing that silly car comedy. I suppose I’m just jealous I didn’t think of it, first. 😉
  • Oh, and of course…Cookie Monster, whom is a puppet from Sesame Street. What an adorable little scraggly-haired blue creature he has. I admit I grew up watching him and he’s endeared upon my heart. “me want cookie!!!!” (runs off to chase down a Girl Scout)

Oh my, that’s enough C’s for the moment, else I may add having a Coronary to the list. LOL

*narrator’s voice booms* This post is brought to you in honor of the current theme at  Nablopomo [link: Blogrolls /April]for more information from Eden).

Yes, yes, thank you, narrator. Annoying ghost voice he is, eh. And, the nifty button is from Growing Happiness.  😉
Until next time…I bid you adieu. (oh, and if you have anything to add, the comments are open, okay.)

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One response to “Brought to you by the letter C

  1. Rachel Ray annoys me, even though I enjoy her recipes and her cookware line.

    I always get spam asking me if I want to hook up with hot women……..

    TPL responds: Thank goodness the RR web site has the cooking segments done up separately. It cuts down on the annoyance factor. 😀 As for the spam, maybe it’s the work of the gay devil? Oh my…that’s a weird and frightening thought I just had. LOL!

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