The Letter E

E is for…

  • The capital E – found on many eye charts in the past in various formats (forward, backward, up and down) to test one’s sight. Remember those days?
  • e.e. cummings – Edward Estlin Cummings: a poet and playwright whom signed his writings in lowercase (a possible gesture of humility rather than orthography. I do not read his works nearly often enough, but looking back upon my own poems, I do find myself emulating his style occasionally.
  • elephants – whether pink, white (sale), or traditional gray, they never forget, and are sometimes talented, too!
  • eyes – how we perceive something can make a difference to how the situation evolves
  • evolution – adaptation to one’s environment is critical to one’s survival
  • Esai Morales – television and movie actor whom is oh-so-delicious! This week, he’s been arguing political commentary on HBO [Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher]. I remember when I first saw him in the movie La Bamba (he played Bob). He’s totally yummy in my book, and given the opportunity, I’d probably do him in a heartbeat. 😀
  • Everything’s Eventual : 14 Dark Tales – a book title to another set of spooky tales from Stephen King. It’s not my favorite book by him (Bag of Bones trumped this one IMHO), but the book cover and the title are wicked-cool.

*narrator’s voice booms* This post is brought to you in honor of the current theme at  Nablopomo [link: Blogrolls /April] for more information).
E is also for Eeps! The time’s just about gotten away from me, so I’ll wrap up this entry now. LOL

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One response to “The Letter E

  1. Those E eye charts. Why don’t they have those anymore?

    This will haunt me all day long.

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