An Open Letter from a Fan

Dear Producers of NBC’s Heroes,

I’m not sure what you’re thinking, but it appears you don’t listen to the fans well. Why are you bringing even more new characters into the show that sound as lame as characters introduced in season two? Season two was to season one like the original The Matrix is to the rest of the trilogy. Talk about your rapid downhill slides. What do you want–for all Heroes fans to stop watching? Okay, so we’ll watch to see super-cute Masi Oka play the character of Hiro (I can’t believe I just called him that, but he’s so yummy). I’m sure you’ll have another certain hero [Milo] taking his shirt off whenever possible again, not that I’m complaining there. I rather enjoy seeing him that way. But, the storylines…the key to the city is in the story plot. In season two, you started us out too slow, then had to rush us through to get to some sort of mini-resolution before the writers’ strike. It has left us wanting more (and better), and now the first spoilers tell us we’ll get stuff like season two? Perhaps the producers should take a cue from another fabulous show on ABC, Ugly Betty. After the strike, the UB staff came together and basically decided that the main character, Betty, has gotten way off base to her “normal” moral self, and have started writing her storylines a the first season. *claps* If only there’s a way we can save our Heroes. Time will tell.

The Pear Lady, looking for a Hero to save my day. 😉

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