Working out with my poetic license again

Is it already that time of the month? No, not my womanly time, it’s time for Robin to bug me with email to get the poet within to crawl out of its hole for another big poetry session. 😀 (I tease, of course…I enjoy her email) Anyway, I’m doing double duty, or perhaps triple duty for it’s apt to be a long post, for I’m combining this poetic license exercise with the NaBloPoMo April letters theme.

How am I to accomplish such a feat? Acrostics. What the heck? Acrostics are when you have a vertical message made from the first letters of a poem. They kind of remind me of inserting a “hidden message” within that sees if one is paying close attention. You can see some popular acrostics at Mental Floss.

Pensieve’s Poetic License ~ April Challenge
Three lines, 17 syllables, often related to nature–what could be easier than that?…the theme is “Spring” .

Finally, something easy. Yeah right. What if I have an allergy attack? Hah! Seriously, I shall do my best to entertain. He-he! Do watch out for that acrostic as I…

once again, exercise my license to write:

Want this button?

Springtime Achoos…uh, I mean Haiku’s

Watch out, Spring comes here
Really warming the blue skies
I see through window

Typing though I am
To give you more joy today
Entertain the peeps

No one notices
But, that’s okay I try ‘gain
You just wait and see

The sun shines brightly
Healing the bone dry cracked earth
Early in springtime

Precious flowers are
Everywhere rain has fallen
After April rains

Really big weeds though
Like to get in flowers’ way
Always jealous plants

Dying the flowers are
Yard needs tending to make new
*Green, we’ll have again!

~ThePearLady c2008

*post-it-note to self: I need go outside now to tend to yard…avoid poison plants. 😉

Well, that was it. Did you catch the acrostic? Love it or hate it, comments are welcome. And, if you’d like to see another Spring Haiku or so, do check out the Pensieve. You never know what you may see there, especially when Min plays. ;D

Sliced by The Pear Lady

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*narrator’s voice booms* This post is brought to you in honor of the current theme at  NaBloPoMo [link: Blogrolls /April] for more information).

2 responses to “Working out with my poetic license again

  1. “I see through window” but just barely.
    Thats the first thing I noticed when the sun started rising before me… DIRTY WINDOWS.

  2. Oh, my word…YOU’RE AMAZING! (Even if you totally dis me 😉 ).

    Impressive–you’re killing a flock of birds with one stone! I hate that you linked it late ’cause not many people in the carnival knew to read it :/.

    Great contribution…and THANK YOU for joining in…even if I’m spamming you in the process!!!


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