The path to inspiration is a long road to travel

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Today, we’re talking about a terrific book for whomever is looking to be inspired, namely “Letters of a Young Poet” by Rainer Maria Wilke.
I admit, I first heard of this book through the movie Sister Act II, when Whoopi’s character tried to get student Lauren Hill go after her dreams. Reading through these letters is such a moving experience, I can hardly contain myself. I need to remember to keep these letters handy whenever I doubt myself, or my abilities. For those people unfamilar with the story, it’s the correspondence between a fledgling (budding) writer, and a more experienced writer. He guides the student to find the answers from within, and the student consequently grows as a person and a writer. The student wants to know if his writings are any good, what else can he do, basically pumping the wise one for any advice possible because the student is scared. The student doesn’t want to look like a fool, but is told to just go for it, and let the chips fall where they may. Though, the book is technically about two writers, it’s more about the inspiring one to do the best in whatever path one follows in life.
How many time I have found myself saying some of these same things, I shudder to think, for the numbers would undoubtedly overwhelm me quickly. Why is it so easy to insert doubt, and so hard to dispel it away? Perhaps, the answer is found in that infamous quote from the movie Pretty Woman, “the bad stuff is easier to believe“. In such times, the inspirational passages like this book provides are needed all the more, if only to give one the strength to continue on another moment in time.
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