Weird word generator

Words can be so powerful, life-changing, and produce classic novels. They can also help one act completely goofy.  I’ve found a site to help one talk weird (as if I’m not weird enough already at times… LOL). Anyway, it’s called the Weirdmaker text generator.

Here’s some crazy text I made:
ㄅレⅰς∑ㄅ モЯ◊㎡ ₮サ∑ ㄕ∑∆Я レ∆∂ㄚ

And, here’s how it looks in Hacker:
51!(35 fr0m 7h3 p34r 14dy

They also have a link to a upside down writing text generator if you really want to make one crazy. 😀

That’s funkinator, dude! (my word of the day: funkinator – n. combo between a words funky and terminator. Use it, love it. Put it in the Urban Dictionary if you’re so inclined. My word is law [on this blog]. 😉

ﻮ’ภเﻮђt ๓א รlєєקא ๒ค๒єร, ๏ภ tђє t๏ฬєгร ๏Ŧ tђє ๒l๏ﻮ๏รђєгє. (Can one tell I’m slightly tired tonight? heh Later.)

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*narrator’s voice chants from the back of the room* This post is sponsored by the letters, T, P and L and the number 42. This post is also brought to you in honor of the current theme at NaBloPoMo [link: Blogrolls /April] for more information).

4 responses to “Weird word generator

  1. Good post. I will definitely come back again!!

  2. What Is This? :L

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