Sandman, Part Two

Pardon me folks, the sandman and I have to have another talk. Do join in for the question/answer session afterwards (the comments). 😉

Dear Sandman,

Errm, I hate to bring it up like this, but I’ve another issue with you. (Hey, I could’ve said complaint, but I’m being nice. Yeah, I do have it in me. har-de-har-har) You make me sleepy during the day, and keep me awake at night. Are you wanting me to get a job as night watchman or something? That’s all I want to know from you, today, this April nineteenth, 2008. (And, yes, I have been watching SXE Phil’s videos…who isn’t?)
Sliced by The Pear Lady

*narrator’s voice whispers* This post is sponsored by the letters, T, P and L and the number 42. This post is also brought to you in honor of the current theme at NaBloPoMo [link: Blogrolls /April] for more information).


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