Dear Mama Earth

Dear Mother Nature,

Happy birthday to you, Mother N! Well, officially it’s tomorrow, April 22nd, aka Earth Day, but who says I can’t celebrate early and all week long. After all, you’re definitely worth it. By the way, do you like my colors around here? Green is such a pretty color. Then again, all sorts of pretty colors are a part of your rainbow. Thank you for being so tolerant to our somewhat lazy species here. 😉

My tip of the day to all humans: Recycle something. It’s so easy to pick one thing and recycle it…newspaper, milk cartons, soda cans…heck, do all three. If you can just commit to this one task, you can make a difference (and with the cans, money, too – bonus!)

to be continued…
Sliced by The Pear Lady

*narrator’s voice whispers* This post is sponsored by the letters, T, P and L and the number 42 (and made with recycled pixels). This post is also brought to you in honor of the current theme at NaBloPoMo [link: Blogrolls /April] for more information).

2 responses to “Dear Mama Earth

  1. Recycling= good!

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