Another one for the easily amused

Yeah, I know…everyone’s on the Twitter bandwagon already. People have been photo whores on Flickr for a great while, too. Now, we also have TwitPic, for those people that want that instant picture gratification with no fuss/no muss! Naturally, I love it. I can spend a good five minutes just watching the front page as new pictures pop up from all over the world. LOL

Now, if only I had a decent camera to join in the revolution. Oh wait, that’s the way to break the system. ~evil thoughts hatch~ 😛

Speaking of mean/silly thoughts, here’s a game for the easily amused:

Oh, that’s a fun one – mean, but fun…and disgusting.
~kicks the dog on the way out for getting in the way~ ;P
Sliced by The Pear Lady

View a Random Slice
PS. No actual dogs were harmed during the making of the blog entry (at least, not here ;P).

One response to “Another one for the easily amused

  1. Call me easily amused! 😀


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