Blogging on the fly

Hello people!

Yes, The Pear Lady is alive to blog/entertain you all again. Well, sort of… I’m borrowing a connection for this entry. You see, I’m still one of the thousands affected by a “little” hurricane called Ike. It took a-hold of my power and away it went. It’s really weird to be without technology, and I still find myself trying to flip light switches when I enter or leave the room. I’ve gotten to know some neighbors again…well, until they got generators. LOL Basically, my life is a just -blah-. But, I’m alive and able to blog today, so that’s something. Maybe next I’ll get power and be able to get into an ever-growing stack of email. Who knows?

Until next we meet, have a good whatever… 😉
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PS. Any plurkers out there, drop by my page sometime and entertain yourselves. I know I could use the karma there. I’ll join in once I’m powered up again. Later!

One response to “Blogging on the fly

  1. Yay! I’m glad you are okay. I hope you get power soon. :\

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