I resolve…(Day 5)

One reading these resolutions may ask me, “Am I really doing these things, or is it just a bunch of BS talk?” Never fear, I am as I go. The plan is to give a grand update at the end of the month. We’ll see how I stick to that one. 😀
Anyway…we’re at Day 5 now. Today, since it’s late in the day, I’m going a bit simplify this one.

Day 5: We all have our favorites, and our favorites love when we brag about them. But, we forget or run out of time, or some other excuse. So…the task– Spread the word about something on the internet that you like.

Click below to read about mine…
If you use Firefox (and what self-proclaimed net blogging junkie doesn’t these days?? ha-ha), a must have addition is Interclue. What is it? It allows you to see a preview of web sites before you click by hovering over them. It’s like Snap previews (which you can see on this blog currently), only with more features, thus making it more useful. The developers keep the program updated, and I’ve had a good experience with it. I highly recommend this addition. 🙂

Want free stuff in your own area? Or, maybe you have something you don’t need? Recycle it at http://freecycle.org . It can really help!

If you have something to say, now’s your chance. TTFN!
Sliced by The Pear Lady

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