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Edward Lear
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Bow-chicka-wow-wow! It’s Limericks Day! It’s a day to write/read/say “fun” poems in honor of Edward Lear’s birthday [May 12th], whom wrote all sorts of nonsense. 😉 I’ve enjoyed his writings since before I could analyze them to death [for various literature classes]. So, to celebrate the day, I’ve written some more of my own limericks for us to groan laugh at and love. Enjoy.


A day of limericks, how droll
I’m not sure which way to roll
It’s hard to rhyme, with a certain time,
But, look! I’ve made it through the hole!


Yes, I’ve lots of sports on the brain,
If my team doesn’t win, I might go insane
I watch them play, yelling and cheering all-the-way!
It may not be healthy, but it’s fun just the same.

OMG, I made it. *wipes brow* Happy Rickelime….errm, I mean have a Happy Limericks day!
(and go, Rockets!)

If you’d like to write a limerick, and need some help, let Wiki be your guide by looking at How to Write a Limerick. Do share if you do, so we can all enjoy the fun!

Until later…may you all have some sort of whimsy in your lives. It sure makes things interesting. 😉
Sliced by The Pear Lady

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