In search of a good word or two

The purpose of this blog entry is simple: I think I’m delicious and want to be Noshed.

What??? :O

I’m referring to the site Blog Nosh, which is basically a collection of some of the best, entertaining or informative blog entries on the web at a given moment. What makes me think I’m good enough for such an honor? I have absolutely no idea, except I have the drive and think I do good stuff…occasionally, sometimes, errm…well, I can do good, I know I can. Really. 😉

I’m cherry-picking my poetic blog entries right now…maybe, just maybe I have a chance there. Maybe?
|| I’ve narrowing it down the the following:

What do you think? I’ve made a vote poll to help decide:

Of course, you’re welcome to add your own choice, and/or comment as to what you’re thinking. Or, if nothing else, leave a name of a good therapist for my delusional head. 😀
Thanks for your indulgence. I less-than-3 you for it! ( ❤ )

Sliced by The Pear Lady

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2 responses to “In search of a good word or two

  1. Confidence is often what sets the bloggers we publish at Blog Nosh apart from the rest of the snacks in the bin. I think you’ve just about got it nailed.

    Hope to see one of your posts in our queue soon! Put the heat on our editors, they can get a little distracted by all of the rainbow sprinkles we have around. 😉

    (psst, I’m the owner and editor-in-chief, so let me know if you need anything)

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