Stroll down memory lane

No surprise to people that know me, but I was a bit of a tomboy growing up. It’s not that I don’t like pretty things, dolls, dressing up, etc. (shoes are still good accessories absolutely-necessary-goods to get if one has the cash), so I still was a girlie-girl [tee-hee]. But, I also have liked playing with trucks, metal cars, and “tossing balls”. Yes, yes, I know…it does have a definite and fun double meaning. That’s a story for another time. 😉 Anyway, one particular ball I found once was a hard brown softball. It floated in water, and if I focused enough, I could get it to go pretty far [considering I throw like a girl – hah]. I grew up and wasn’t not sure what ever happened to the ball…until today. Playing an online game, I saw a web advertisement for IAMS dog food.

Check out what’s in this dog’s mouth:
Image captured by ThePearLady / from IAMS dog food web advertisement provided by
My ball!!!! 😀

Okay, so it’s not exactly my ball, but it did remind me of the one I used to play with when I was a little girl. ;D
Isn’t it something how seeing an ad devised to sell something else can invoke such a memory? Have you ever had something similar happen to you?
Sliced by The Pear Lady

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3 responses to “Stroll down memory lane

  1. Benefited from the topic, thank you

  2. Please explain it a little more, if possible ?

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