Signs you might be a Twitterholic

I’m not sure why, and I’m sure it’s been done before, but I feel like blogging about Twitter tonight. I came up with this list off the top of my head and just felt compelled to share. For better or worse…here we go!

Signs you might be a Tweet-a-holic / Twitter-holic / Addicted to Twitter
…you know what a Tweet is
…you must.tweet.constantly from you your electronic devices (yes, plural)
…you sigh or grumble when you see the FailWhale
…you see someone say “see my twitter page” and go there to follow them
…you make your friends,relatives,colleagues and strangers get on Twitter so you have even more to tweet about
…your followed list is in the stratosphere
…ditto for your followers
…you feel ‘in touch’ with celebrities because you follow their tweets
…you feel strong emotion because of what someone else tweets and have to tweet back a response immediately
…You see a blue bird outside and think of Twitter
…You actually take a picture of that bird and tweet it to everyone
…you get together with your twitter friends and tweet about it before, during, and after the events
…you speak in 140 characters or less in everyday conversation
…you think of more to add to this list without hardly thinking

Have one to add? Leave a comment and let us all laugh together. 😀

Oh, and if you want to follow my own tweets, click here for my twitter page. It’s delicious! 😉
Sliced by The Pear Lady


2 responses to “Signs you might be a Twitterholic

  1. …you’d rather tweet than plurk

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