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A dear friend and I were talking tonight about writing, among other things. He suggested that I should tackle the subject of bravery to help me open up more. I’ve not really a clue at the moment of how to approach this subject, so I’m improving by brainstorming ideas of what it may be.

Bravery is…
 – a soldier in battle or on the battlefield. Stories become legends as throughout history, brave men and women risk their own lives for another and/or a specific cause or purpose.
 – Robin Hood, as it was written long years ago. Yes, I realize this one’s fiction, though it has relevance; for the character shows not only to do good works for others, but also to stand up in the face of a bully.
 – a mother saving her child from peril, either physical or emotional. Of course, it could be the father, as the savior, too. More stories seem to be written / known with a female heroine.
 – the holy Father above, or actually Jesus (referring to the Trinity here: God, the Son, and the Holy Spirit). Anyway, it is said in Christianity that the son will save the sinner (us regular folk) by sacrificing himself on our behalf, all for believing. That’s pretty brave, not only on the Lord’s part, but also on the believer, for stepping up to the plate and having faith.
 {Brief interlude: My goodness, it’s getting heavy in here. Perhaps I should lighten this up a bit? Oh well, soldiering on…}
 – something that one really wants when standing in front of a group trying to give a speech or any kind of talk session. Many people practice their speeches, imagine the audience in their underwear, and other techniques. But, ultimately, it takes “cojones” to get up and set yourself up for potential embarrassment or worse.
 – going on a television show, specifically one of those numerous reality shows, and laying it all out there for a prize. But, is this true bravery, or just avarice and what-not? ~confused look~

Hmm, I’m still not sure about this topic. Perhaps, a reader can help me out here? In the meantime, I shall continue finding it on my own. Good luck to all with your own quests, of bravery, and otherwise.
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One response to “Bravery

  1. Bravery to me is standing up for what you believe in (i.e.; a cause, an idea, who you are, etc.) – no matter what adversities you face – and staying true to it. Just my 2 cents ;D

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