it is all in the attitude

“Maintain a positive attitude, so you can grow. And, with this life, you may help others.”

The above quote is advice I might give to a friend in need of something uplifting to help during a time of tribulation, when things just seem to not be going in the person’s way. Yes, I realize it’s not up to me to give advice to anyone for I’m not another person’s creator, but today may be an exception. I am giving this advice to myself.
I find it so hard sometimes to keep uplifting thoughts when bombarded with negativity from another source, particularly a family member or close friend. I feel for the other person, and their emotions make me cringe, and in a moment of weakness, I may react negatively in return. If I do not react outwardly though, the emotions can fester inside, to which I feel the urge to purge, either literally or through some passive action such as tears, writing, walking, or furiously cleaning. My mind reels in what I should do, could do to alleviate the pressure and help the situation/problem at hand. I feel much like the cartoon character Ziggy, looking up for spiritual guidance to maintain my average, hum-drum, thankful-I’m-still-alive, roller coaster of emotions life.

Of course, maybe this picture quote (below) says everything:

Who knows?
Sliced by The Pear Lady

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