The Dream

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It’s no secret that I’m on FaceBook, like many, many other people. I joined a little while ago, mainly for networking with family and friends, some of which I’ve not seen or heard from in quite a while. Friends come and go on the contact lists there, usually for housecleaning reasons. It’s not a major deal, though it can seem disconcerting at the time. For instance, I casually discovered I’d been “housecleaned” from one of my friend’s list one day I was strolling around on the site. At the time, I was like “huh, that’s strange”. I didn’t think I’d done anything to tick the person off or anything, we’d had no arguments of any kind. But, aside from birthday greetings, I didn’t have a chance to talk to that person. So, apparently, out I went in a contact housecleaning. ~Sheepish grin and shrug~ Anyway…
While I’m logged in, I admit I play some of the well-known game applications there, including Mafia Wars. Here’s where my story today gets a little strange. I dreamed about playing Mafia Wars last night.
[insert dream sequence] I’m doing the regular “jobs” and “fights” –daily activities playing the game– when I stumble into a chat room of sorts. I lurk a bit, virtually unnoticed, and see that person I was talking about in the above paragraph there. Weird. Even weirder, this person is talking to other(s) about taking out my mafia family, going through me. For in their eyes, I’m the weakest link [goodbye! (ha-ha)]. The person was telling their basic plan to ask to become part of my mafia (so, they would have a spy to infiltrate and destroy from within). ~inserts thought~ I know…weird, huh. ~ends thought~ So, after a few more minutes of lurking, I sneak out of the chat as casually yet fast as possible. I didn’t have to wait long, for after a few moments, the friend request arrives. I deny it with a determined look on my face, as if to say “take that”. First battle won. My dream memory begins to really get fuzzy here and fades out to the early morning light. [end dream sequence]
Upon waking, I’m left wondering what made me dream such things. I realize that several things that happened wouldn’t really happen in real life, but it doesn’t stop the curiosity as to why they happened in the first place. While I’m wondering, I casually pick up a book to read from my reading challenge list to take my mind off of my curious dream before it drives me bananas. So, I’ve picked up this YA book, thinking this book should be light enough, glancing at the neat little summary and author’s notes. I begin to read chapter one, and see that person’s name in the pages. Staring there with  disbelief and amazement in my eyes, I close the book again. >_< Maybe another time.
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