The Incredible Virtual Eggs

What’s with that title? I think it’s because I’ve that egg council’s song “The Incredible, Edible egg” going through my head as I type this post. Hopefully, it will end when I hit publish, else we’re all in trouble. Hah! Facebook has a lot of interesting games (yes, sometimes annoying timewasters. Hatchlings™ on Facebook is one of the games that allows me to show a gambit of emotions, from excitement at finding an egg, to showing compassion by giving an egg to other collectors and more. Perhaps, it’s the Easter Bunny within me, but finding eggs can be such a thrill. And, of course, the drive to “have them all” or be top in your group keeps one hunting. In this respect, the game might be an adult version of a kid collecting Pokemon cards. 

Some of my favorite eggs collected have included:

The Green Butterfly

(reminds me of a character from the soap opera, All My Children)

The road sign series,

(This egg is one of several in the series. They are found on a tar road versus in the grass).

This next egg just looks delicious,

(it hatches into an orangutan – LOL)

And, in honor of the upcoming V-Day, I’ve to mention

(which becomes a puppy with a valentine – too cute)

Those eggs are some of my favorites. What are yours? Or what’s your favorite game and why? I’ll leave you to ponder these questions while I go hunt some more eggs. TTFN!
Sliced by The Pear Lady

2 responses to “The Incredible Virtual Eggs

  1. Hello, I belive this is known as a fabulous web pages with great stuff. Which is why I just want to ask you if I can talk about your webpage on my blog if I offer you link back?

    • I do not know of which web page to which you’re referring (the Hatchlings page? It’s not mine), but I do have some web page knowledge of which to lend. I also accept most links to content (but not hotlinks).

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