A New Year…Same Ole Stuff and Hoping for More

Happy 1/1/11, everyone!

Yes, I’ve made it into the new year (please, easy with the groans, I’m a sensitive pear.  ;P). The sad news is my browser seems to have misplaced my blogging plug-in, so I’ve to blog here at WordPress.com tonight. It’s not all bad, but slightly inconvenient. The good news is I accomplished many of my reading goals for last year–definitely brag-worthy to me. My overall total read is ~drum roll~ 80 books! For the 2010 Support the Library challenge, I read 73 books, which shattered my goal. For the 2010 Young Adult Reading Challenge, I read 21 books; almost twice as much as planned. You can see what I’ve read via my Read in 2010 page. I have also set up a Read in 2011 page, though it doesn’t have much on it…yet. Stay tuned. 😉

Once again, I’m resolving to blog more. Perhaps, it’s time to update to a new blogging software. I’ll look into it after this post. I’m already missing easy access to my signature. 😦 The good news is WordPress wants to help me blog (see, I knew I picked the right blog host ~grin~) by starting the Postaday2011 / Postaweek2011 challenge. I’m trying the weekly one for now. We’ll see how it goes. In the meantime, you can also have fun with me on Twitter.

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2 responses to “A New Year…Same Ole Stuff and Hoping for More

  1. Eighty books…wow! I ‘m chuffed if I read twenty.

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